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Backdrops & Signs!

Here is a sneak peak at the numerous backdrops we offer. We have Solid Colors, Sequins, Designs, Hedge, and Flowers. Each package has a different style of backdrop included. Be sure to let us know which one you choose when booking!

Solid Color


These are the 3 different types of solid color backdrops.

Blue, Black, and White



There are 5 sequin backdrops to choose from.

Gold, Silver, Burgundy, Rose Gold, & Champagne 



There are 4 different types of Design backdrops.

Christmas, Gold Sparkle, Rustic Wood, Brick

Neon Signs


There are multiple types of custom neon signs to create or choose from.

We have 2 available for rent.

  • Better Together

  • To the Moon & Back

Flower Wall


Our flower wall consists of petals that are  numerous shades of pink. 

Neon Signs will work with this backdrop!

Hedge Wall


The hedge wall is a nice dark green and looks even better when paired with a neon sign!

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